Episode Credits

Eric Batten (@Mahagaglunng)
Matt Barnhart (@TheRealDocFunky)

Editor (TS Episode 0-8):
Brian Morgan (@BigDaddyH0gNuts)

Editor/Audio Cleanup (TS Episode 0-37, 39-41, 55-Present; IG2G Episode 1-5, 12-Present):
Danie Morgan (@Usakoi84)

Editor/Audio Cleanup (TS Episode 38, 42-54; IG2G Episode 6-11):
Matt Barnhart (@TheRealDocFunky)

Actionable by Bensound.com
Versatile by longzijun (Episode 24.5)
Céline Dion – All By Myself (Episode 25)
Energy by Bensound.com (Episode 57 outro)
Dubstep by Bensound.com (Episode 58)
Ukulele by Bensound.com (Episode 61)
The Passion HiFi – Untouchable (Episode 62)
Country Boy by Bensound.com (Episode 64)
Creepy by Bensound.com (Episode 66)
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Episode 80)
Darkness Approaches by Eric Matyas (Episode 26 of IG2G)