Episode Credits

Eric Batten (@Mahagaglunng)
Matt Barnhart (@TheRealDocFunky)

Editor (TS Episode 0-8):
Brian Morgan (@BigDaddyH0gNuts)

Editor/Audio Cleanup (TS Episode 0-37, 39-41, 55-Present; IG2G Episode 1-5, 12-180, 182-Present):
Danie Morgan (@Usakoi84)

Editor/Audio Cleanup (TS Episode 38, 42-54, 181; IG2G Episode 6-11):
Matt Barnhart (@TheRealDocFunky)

Actionable by Bensound.com
Versatile by longzijun (Episode 24.5)
Céline Dion – All By Myself (Episode 25)
Energy by Bensound.com (Episode 57 outro)
Dubstep by Bensound.com (Episode 58)
Ukulele by Bensound.com (Episode 61)
The Passion HiFi – Untouchable (Episode 62)
Country Boy by Bensound.com (Episode 64)
Creepy by Bensound.com (Episode 66)
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Episode 80)
Darkness Approaches by Eric Matyas (Episode 26 of IG2G)
Deep Blue by Bensound.com (Episode 92)
Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball – Afrojack Remix (Episode 92)
Cage the Elephant – Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked – Ahab Remix (Episode 92)
Better Days by Bensound.com (Episode 94)
Little Idea by Bensound.com (Episode 96)
Tomorrow by Bensound.com (Episode 99)
Conspiracy Theory Music by Greg Dombrowski AKA thesecession (Episode 117)
Chrono Trigger Mixtape (EPMD – Strictly Business) by Compromised (Episode 132)
High Octane by Bensound.com (Episode 158)
King Palmer – Hackney Carriage (by EarpJohn) (Episode 161)
Guitar Wizards of the Future – There’s a Monster Under the Bed (Episode 65 if IG2G)
Loyalty Freak Music – The Graveyard (Episode 65 of IG2G)
Flash – Peyruis [Audio Library Release] (Episode 167)