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Hiya, minna-san!

First off, I want to thank all those who keep an eye on me as you’re the reason I go to the effort to post my creative undertakings for your viewing and reading pleasures (hopefully, anyway).  If not for social media, I’m pretty sure most of my work would just be sitting on my computer, taking up drive space.

If you listen to the show or follow me on Twitter, you know I’m quite an introverted personality and I want nothing more than to be accepted by my peers, which means I will go above and beyond to make it happen before I think about how it will affect me.  This is why I’m writing this today.  I have essentially forced myself into climbing a mountain with a heavy pack and no food or water.  So what to do?

Instinct tells me to go back into hiding.  I could do this, but that would be too easy.  My all-encompassing New Year’s Resolution this year is to improve upon myself and become the me I see in my head.  The chick in the mirror is only a fraction of who I believe I have the potential to be.  My growth has been stunted for years due to choices that were made for me because I didn’t have the guts to put down my foot.  That metaphorical foot falls today.

“Well, what does that mean, Danie?”  I’m glad you asked.  I’ll tell you.  I’ve been working hard to shed the cocoon of the past and metamorph into a badass butterfly.  It will be a slow process, but I hope you guys will bear with me on this journey of discovery.  What this means for myself in the THiRD SHiFT network is pulling back and seeing what I can accomplish with the time I have.

For THiRD SHiFT, I edit six podcasts a month, more or less, at about three real-time hours a show.  I used to transcribe each episode but, as the episodes grew in size, there was no way for me to keep up with that.  That project remains on the backburner.  Don’t fret!  I’m not going anywhere.  The Cutting Room Queen will continue to edit the podcasts until the guys don’t want to do the show anymore.

For The Otaku Project (OP), I want nothing more than to sit around and watch anime 24/7 and blog about it.  This was the original inspiration for this project in addition to my love for the Japanese culture.  As I will still be adding things to OP, it will not be as expansive as I had originally hoped.  At least, not right now.  I do plan on commenting on news I see via my anime Twitter, @liteupthegalaxy, as well as reviewing anime I watch.  What I need to back off on for now is my unboxing videos for Japan Crate.  The amount of effort that goes into one video is extremely time-consuming.  There are other things that need to take priority first.  Maybe this is something I can revisit in the future under the right circumstances.  My Sailor Moon Uncensored project I started a few years back will also continue to be neglected, unfortunately.

For the creative part of my brain, I will be focusing on Sunday art streams via Twitch Creative.  I will then turn those streams into short videos for YouTube where you can see the process of an image in under five minutes.  I will be opening for art commissions periodically and will eventually open my own Patreon account if I have enough interest in my work so I can do more of it.  In my downtime, I will be focusing on my other love:  writing.  I received a motivational gift called, A Year of Creative Writing Prompts.  Where it may not be consecutively OR all during 2018, I will be doing all 365 prompt days, which amounts to over 900 prompts.  Whatever spawns from this, you can find on my Tumblr.

For gaming, my only goal is to complete more than three this year.  I’m almost at two completed and it’s only January!  I got this…

I hope you enjoyed the journey through my brain!  I’m trying and will continue to try.  Please, please, please help my motivation by following me, liking or commenting on my posts, or sharing my stuff with others.  Every little thing helps me to pick up that pen/cil and create.  A big thank you to my two guys, Matt and Eric, for giving me a platform that’s helped me to get to know them more, meet new people, and given me the strength to try and come out of my shell a little more.  And of course, a HUGE thank you to those new people who encourage me to keep going with your kind words and mouse clicks.


TL;DR – Danie is turning into a butterfly that wants to prioritize.  She will not be doing unboxing videos or podcast transcription (unless the right circumstances present themselves).  She will be focusing on her art and writing, while providing quality podcast editing for THiRD SHiFT.  #CuttingRoomQueen

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