Japan Crate – October 2017 [Unboxing]

Welcome to my first article AND first unboxing in The Otaku Project.  If all goes as planned, I will have a new one each month.  Let me introduce to you the October 2017 Japan Crate Mini.


What’s In The Crate?

The Mini includes five items:  Halloween Shimi Choco Corn, Halloween Ponsuke, Halloween Umaibou: Corn Potage, Pumpkin Lollipops, and Hi-Chew Assorted Halloween.

Halloween Shimi Choco Corn

“Chocolate puffed corn snacks are sure to satisfy those potato chip and chocolate cravings you’ve been having!  Enjoy the best of both worlds–a crispy snack and a sweet yummy chocolate flavor–in this treat that’s perfect for when you’re tired of eating just candy this Halloween.”

This was the first snack I went for because, chocolate.  The puffs are about quarter-sized and lightweight.  They dissolve pretty quickly after a couple bites and the chocolate flavor is strong, but not overpowering.  This bag did not last long as I couldn’t put it down.  Definitely replaced my potato chip craving for the night!

Halloween Ponsuke

“Ponsuke, our favorite raccoon, is all dressed up and ready to go trick or treating with you!  And he’s brought his favorite treat, wheat snacks that are crispy and slightly sweet.  Try sharing some at your next Halloween party!”

There was no way these were making it to a Halloween party.  These nickel-sized crunchy treats were the perfect sweet and savory treat for a fan of Japanese food.  They reminded me of the Hapi Mixed Cracker tins that I buy on occasion.  Definitely a nori cracker flavor.  they were a little tough to chew at first bite and you would get hit of sweetness before the wheaty cracker contributed its full flavor.  The empty bag left me wanting more.

 Halloween Umaibou:  Corn Potage

“A fan favorite that is equally popular in Japan, Umaibou is back for the Halloween season in a festive corn potage flavor and an adorable package!  Corn potage is a soup associated with the fall months (think of autumn harvest!) and can even be found in vending machines in Japan around this time.  Enjoy this yummy savory flavor with Yaokin’s signature snack.”

Doraemon makes an adorable appearance on the wrapper of this interesting snack.  The closest thing texture-wise I can compare this to would be a cheese puff.  I felt like I was eating a corn puff “candy bar” with a soup-y flavor.  That may sound unappealing to many of you.  It worried me as I took a bite, trust me.  After eating the first one, I was sold enough to eat the other two of them.  The corn puff melts in your mouth and the flavor is strong and hits your taste buds immediately.  If it was warmed up, it would be like hot soup pouring into your stomach.  Very strange feeling, but very good.

Hi-Chew Assorted Halloween

“Enjoy strawberry, grape, and green apple Hi-Chew soft candies in cute new Halloween packaging!  This assortment of flavors is great for trading after a long night trick or treating with friends or if you just like changing things up after eating the same old boring candies.”

This is one that I was absolutely sad that there were not more of in this box.  I’m a fiend for Laffy Taffy and these completely reminded me of one of my favorite treats.  My box contained grape and green apple.

Pumpkin Lollipops

“Spooky jack-o’-lantern lollipop are a cute and festive treat that are great for sharing with friends or giving out during trick-or-treat visits!  They come in a variety of flavors too:  green apple, grape, and orange!”

I’m not a fan of lollipops to begin with.  I would describe this as any other shaped lolly on the market.  The unique thing about this lolly, though, is that it is colored based on what it is portraying rather than its flavor.  My lolly was grape-flavored and it truly played with my mind as my taste buds expected an orange flavor.

Final Thoughts

I didn’t have any misses in this box.  I enjoyed all of them.  For this crate in particular, I was sad that I didn’t get the premium box just because of the fun Haloween theme.  I can’t wait to see what’s in store next month!

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