Episode #64 – GLORIOUS

This week on THiRD SHiFT:  Let me tell you something, Mean Gene–this week we’ve got more topics than you can shake a Kendo Stick at!  Not only can you spend your Beer Money on a Gearbox-heavy Humble Bundle, but soon you’ll be hiding behind Tables, Ladders, & Chairs in Hello Neighbor!  We’ve also got some Raw Talk about what’s Broken™ in Fortnite’s Horde Bash mode, and what they’re doing to lay the SmackDown on cheaters in Battle Royale!  Prepare your earholes for a GLORIOUS episode of THiRD SHiFT!

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I could go All Night Long with these wrestling references!  (Interested in pro wrestling?  Check out To The Matt!)

Make sure to join in our #Inktober2017 #TalentedTuesday art competition by submitting art with the following prompts for the following dates:
October 3 – Poison; October 17 – Graceful; and October 31 – Mask.

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