Episode #41 – Doc_Funky & Mahaga

This week on THiRD SHiFT: Battleborn’s first anniversary was this week and, to celebrate, we’ve got some shout-outs to our favorite content creators, our favorite diehard fans, and our (least) favorite married couple.  We also give some love to our favorite versus modes and some of our favorite characters!  Don’t forget to keep your eyes on our Twitter feed this weekend for some big news!

THiRD SHiFT Community Favorites:  MentalMarslowlinesEnasniSolus ScientistbeyaHunter Cochrane (genericktag), Joe’s O’s, and Shawn Hegarty (PubliusEnigma77).

SHiFT Codes:

BL2 – PC/Mac/Linux:  CBCTJ-3X6K3-66BXK-3TJJT-HXSR6
Playstation:  5JCJ3-63TCC-HHXXZ-WR3B3-T9K9X

BL2 – PC/Mac/Linux:  WT5TJ-Z5RK3-6RBRW-3BTTB-9JWBJ
Xbox:  C3K33-5TJ5C-H96RH-K6TTB-SBZ6R

Download the transcript or view below the cut: Coming Soon!

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