Episode #32 – Hi (with guest host @Usakoi84)

This week on THiRD SHiFT:  Things get crazy as we welcome our very first guest to the show!  We’ve got a breakdown of Battleplan #41, the reveal of the Borderlands 3 Easter Eggs, a spoiler-y discussion on the Heart of Ekkunar story op, and all kinds of speculation on everything PAX East to Battleborn to Borderlands 3!

The S.S. Matt sails off to Brainstorm Island!  Eric’s so full of cold medicine that he that he starts to lose his mind!  Can our guest survive the insanity of Episode 32?!  Can YOU?!  Tune in and find out…if you dare!

SHiFT Codes:  Sorry!  None this week!!

Download the transcript or view below the cut: Coming Soon!

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Transcription coming soon.

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