Episode #27 – Guys and Girls

This week on THiRD SHiFT:  We’ve barely scratched the surface of all the new Battleborn content we got last week, and Gearbox already has another story op on the way!  Join us for a recap of the Montana and the Demon Bear reveal stream, a discussion about versus queues featuring leavers and quitters, and impending doom for Matt and Eric!  We’ve also got Battleplan #36, and we mix Battleborn and Borderlands in an extended edition of the Mailbag!

SHiFT Codes:

BL2 (5 Keys):  PC/Mac/Linux – C353B-RX55J-FXBRK-3J3JT-RX3W6
Playstation – KBWTB-XKC59-ZTCH5-93W33-69B6K
Xbox – 53WJT-35H35-996RH-CFTBJ-C5Z33

BL2 (25 Keys):  PC/Mac/Linux – W3KJB-H9CBW-XRBRW-JTBTJ-9JRXK
Playstation – KBW3J-ZF5JT-JC59K-93KJT-3ZTKF
Xbox – C35J3-5XSSK-SH6RH-K63TB-39S53

Playstation – W5CBT-FKKK9-WC6BF-5XT33-WZSS3

BB – Alani’s “Atramental” Skin – 9W5JT-9HSRF-5K53Z-X5RBT-J6B5S

Download the transcript or view below the cut: Coming Soon!

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