Episode #25 – Seek Medical Attention

This week on THiRD SHiFT:  Eric’s back for our first full episode of the new year, and it’s a good thing, too! Gearbox is kicking off 2017 in a big way! We get our first look at Beatrix and Oscar Mike v The Battle School in two big streams, Battleplan #34, a question from the Mailbag, and we finally get the release date for the Winter Update!

SHiFT Codes:

BB – Beatrix’s “Chrysochelator” Skin:  ZK5J3-5SZ6X-KC539-XWF3B-6BKBS
BB – Whiskey Foxtrot’s “It’s Premium Foxtrot!” Skin:  HCWJJ-6H9XR-W5WB9-65XJT-X6WR3

Download the transcript or view below the cut: Coming Soon!

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Transcription coming soon.


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